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Theos-World Re: DTB = F ? Re: on Mrs. Katherine Tingley

Apr 16, 2000 09:06 AM
by David Green

"W. Dallas TenBroeck" <> wrote:

Would you be able to let know what are the SOURCE of those
statements?  Where can I find any documents that support them?

I am a student of Theosophy and also of its history and would
like to have available to me such information.

That which you offer is quite unsupported.

Is it only opinion or is it fact ?

Mr TenBroeck,-----

The statement about Crosbie as a loyal devoted follower of Tingley is well supported & documented. Review the article "Robert Crosbie-----Devoted Follower & Loyal Defender of Mrs Katherine Tingley." on Internet

The documents reproduced there are in the words of Crosbie & support Mr. Reitemeyer's positiion.

Review also------

"Mr Crosbie's Revisionist Account of His Association with Mrs Tingley"

"In 1896, Mr Crosbie's Knowledge of Mrs Tingley was not based on Second Hand Reports"

David Green

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