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Theos-World brief comment regarding Yugas

Mar 22, 2000 04:05 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

The Kali Yuga that we're in, for the Fifth Root Race (the current
human stock), started 3,102 BC.  (See THE SECRET DOCTRINE, I, 66,
II, 435.)

The different Root Races of Humanity each have their own Yugas,
and they overlap:

 > The Dvapara Yuga differs for each Race.  All races have their own
 > cycles, which fact causes a great difference.  For instance, the
 > Fourth Sub-Race of the Atlanteans was in its Kali-Yug, when
 > destroyed, whereas the Fifth was in its Satya or Krita Yuga.  The
 > Aryan Race is now in its Kali Yuga, and will continue to be in it
 > for 427,000 years longer, while various "family Races," called
 > the Semitic, Hamitic, etc., are in their own special cycles.  The
 > forthcoming 6th Sub Race—which may begin very soon—will be in its
 > Satya (golden) age while we reap the fruit of our iniquity in our
 > Kali Yuga.

The overlap goes down to the littlest subraces:

 > It would only lead to hopeless confusion if any attempt were made
 > to give accurate dates to a few; for the Races, Sub-Races, etc.,
 > etc., down to their smallest ramifications, overlap and are
 > entangled with each other until it is nearly impossible to
 > separate them.

This means that it's possible that while the bulk of humanity is
going through a dark age, and we live amidst them, we don't
necessarily have to partake of it.  We can potentially experience
life on a slightly higher subplane of the physical, that
corresponding to a higher type of humanity.  This would be
archived, I think, *inwardly*, by our consciousness, our
awareness, our inner faculties, and not necessarily be some
aspect of our body or personality, something objective that could
be quantified and measured by priest, psychologist, or scientist.

-- Eldon

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