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Theos-World RE: [bn-study] Re: HPB/Olcott

Mar 22, 2000 09:39 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Mar 22 2000

Dear Angel

Is there not another angle to all this?  How can any one assume
that they are competent to decipher those passages that are of an
"occult" character?  Who can make the claim without proof that
they alone can do this?

To begin with,

1.  a true occultist will remain quiet because secrecy on holy
matters is a primary need in true occultism.

2.  Unless we are given a chance to read this "Gospel," none of
us can make a pronouncement.

3.  Is the translation now being given to us in English, in
accord with the literal or the occult mode ?  They are poles

Most orientalists and antiquarians are only aware of the literal
translations;  and they make them as accurate as they can in
English.  But often the said documents are framed in an idiom of
the times that prevailed when they were written.  If so, is it
not possible that this is not entirely grasped by the modern
scholar or translator?  This is a difficult thing to put forth as
it is not easily demonstrated or proved.

Now, if you have read and carefully, and considered HPB's
methods -- and the vast work of exposing the inner meanings of
ancient traditions and literatures in ISIS UNVEILED and THE
SECRET DOCTRINE, you will realize that untangling the myths,
legends and traditions from literalism is a most difficult task.
There are many occult statements made in HPB's books but they can
only be extracted by a mind that is attuned to those.  To secure
such an attunement demands study.  Theosophy therefore presents
as a base the ideal of universal brotherhood.  It also states
that all beings are in their essence immortals -- all are
undergoing a great pilgrimage of experience whereby the meanest
and least eventually can become the most learned and responsible.
It elevates evolution and life to the plane of aspiration, of
compassion, of mutual service and of great tender care for the
weak and the oppressed.  And that is only a preliminary
sensitization to the truly OCCULT that may be detected in Nature.

NATURE CONTAINS EVERYTHING.   We are mind beings who are seeking
to learn and understand her workings.

So, before any pronouncement several items of work and comparison
have to be done, and this takes a long time and no snap judgments
are useful.

I am writing on the basis of "theory" as I have not read those
documents.  But I have also read many translations of old
literature and realize that it takes more than linguistic and
grammatical familiarity to be able to transmit in modern English
the SENSE and possible inner meanings of any old documents.

Further, if it was truly occult, then it would not have been
WRITTEN out for someone to discover.

Best wishes,



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From: Angel Hazen []
Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2000 4:04 PM
Subject: [bn-study] Re: HPB/Olcott

Greetings to all!
I write this to you all because I would like your opinion on
something VERY
odd I have recently discovered.  In the article by HPP :' The
Christians' Madame Blavatsky makes clear that she believes the
Christians to have been the Nazareenes and the Ebionites and that
they made
use of the Gospel according to Matthew written in Hebrew and
translated by
St-Jerome.  I have, through intense searches, been able to get my
hand on
the said gospel.  The only problem, is that it contains very
little of
value.  It's 35 chapters long and spends more time on the life of
Mary than
that of Jesus...and even there, only the first years of his life.
Like if
that wasn't disappointing enough, it brings forward very few of
the 'secret
teachings' HPB said it contained.  True, it does teach a little,
but nothing
like what HPB suggested. She realy seemed to intend that the
contained the 'whole-truth' of esoteric doesn't
at all.
Now we are faced with the following problem: Either the gospel I
have found
is NOT the one HPB was refering to (very unlikely as you will see
in the
introduction) or she was totaly wrong in assuming the content.
This also
brings us to two possibilities: either she never actualy had
access to the
book and 'assumed' it contained secrets (let's remember she
doesn't quote
from it) or she saw something in it that I didn't...I would
prefer the later

If you wish to see for yourselves, here is the address:

Angel Hazen

PS:This is indeed a major problem...I await your feedback

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