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Theos-World More on Tim Maroney's THE BOOK OF DZYAN

Mar 18, 2000 11:38 PM
by D.Caldwell/M.Graye

More on Tim Maroney's book titled THE BOOK OF DZYAN

Tim Maroney's book appears to include the following:

(1) The text of the book reproduces nearly all of Book of Dzyan that
Blavatsky transcribed.

(2) Especially of interest is the first straightforward explanatory
commentary on the manuscript The Book of Dzyan.

(3) It also includes long excerpts from her Secret Doctrine as well as from
the Society of Psychical Research's 1885 report concerning phenomena
witnessed by members of the Theosophical Society.

(4)  There are notes and additional shorter materials.

(5) Editor Maroney's biographical essay starts off the book, a fascinating
portrait of an amazing woman.

In summary, this volume presents both:

(1) original source materials to shed
light on the much misunderstood Blavatsky, and 

(2) an extensive critical introduction that explores her life and 
her writings as well as the neglected question of her influence 
on Lovecraft and others.

Summarised from these two web pages:

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