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Re: Theos-World Questions about Masters

Mar 14, 2000 12:32 PM
by LeonMaurer

I hope there is no one else in this forum who didn't get the joke.:-)  

The truth is that theosophy has nothing to say about UFO's.  And, no one who 
writes about theosophy (or UFO's) is an "authority" on anything -- including 
HPB -- who only repeated what she had been taught by her Masters, and left it 
for each theosophist to prove or disprove it for themselves by their own 
"self devised and self determined efforts." Whatever there is to know about 
theosophy and the Masters, is to be found in the Secret Doctrine and other 
writings of HPB.  All other interpretations are simply the opinions of the 
writers or the self professed "teachers' -- (or jokes). 


In a message dated 03/14/00 11:14:19 AM, writes:

>         From, Lima, Perú:
>Friend Chuck:
>I received your response to my e-mail about the masters and the aliens.
> I would like to know the sources of the information you have given me.  
>Is any theosophical school teaching that? Does any master teach that?
> escribió:
>> In a message dated 00-03-13 20:45:56 EST, you write:

>> << So, my question is the following: are the aliens, or some of them,
>> who it is said that are visiting us in UFO´s, Masters of other Planetary
>>  Chains? Are this aliens simply other humans belonging to other planets?
>>  Are some of them the same Masters of the White Broterhood that has
>>  developed here in the Earth?
>>> No, some of them are terribly lost and think this is the planet Koosbane
>>>in the Altair sector.  Then there are a small group of Masters-in-training 
>>> have no quite yet mastered their interdimensional franistats and
>>> discombobulators which causes them to landing to get away from this
>>> godforsaken planet but because they have reached their level of 
>>> can't get the flying saucer to work right and keep getting thrown back 
out of
>>> hyperspace before they can reach the planet Koosbane in the Altair sector.
>>> Chuck the Heretic

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