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Theos-World Re: About Venus

Mar 03, 2000 02:00 AM
by LeonMaurer

In a message dated 3/2/00 7:41:06 PM, writes:
(referring to my explanation (in a previous post) of HPB's teachings that we 
go through seven rounds and races inward towards the Sun on all 7 planets, 
successively, until we reach Mercury, and thence onward to become "Solar 

>Thanks for the interesting reply. No, this stuff is not easy. But I 
>want to ask you if I remember correctly, that somewhere in the Teachings it 
>said, using my own words here, of course, that the beings, or the humanity 
>the planet Venus, are much more advanced than us and may be, if I remember
>correctly, in their 7th Round, or at least in the 7th Race of some 
particular round,
>further along than us. Do you recall this idea? And if so, where would it 
fit into
>what you explained, in general, overall?

(Maybe someone can come up with the actual quote or reference in the SD.)

In any event, the way that I see it is based on the idea that everything in 
the universe happens "synchronistically"... Meaning, the past present and 
future are all in the ever present, universal NOW.  Therefore, when the time 
comes for us to move to the planet Venus (after we are in our seventh round 
and seventh race on Earth) we will appear there as seventh race beings, who 
will be, at the start, in our first round and race on that planet.  

After we reach our seventh round and seventh race on Venus, we will then go 
to our final home on Mercury -- which brings us into our eighth stage as 
solar beings -- who can withstand the heat of the sun, but can never reach it 
-- as it says in the old hermetic maxim, "We can approach the fire but we can 
never touch the flame." At this stage we will be at the level of the Dhyan 
Chohans and Planetary Builders. 

Perhaps then, after seven rounds and races on Mercury we will finally be 
absorbed into the Solar consciousness.  And, when the Sun goes Novae, (since 
cyclic evolution is infinite in scope) it will possibly spew our seed into 
the Galaxy to populate new planets on new suns closer inward towards the 
Central Sun.  Also, since all this occurs synchronistically (as Jung 
described it in his Forward to the I Ching) we could say that we are already 
out there, NOW, going through all those planetary systems' rounds and races 
as highly advanced beings.  However, this precludes the idea that we could 
ever contact these "extraterrestrial" entities, since they would exist in 
entirely different levels of multidimensional space (which is "infinitely 
divisible," according to HPBs' teachings as I remember it).  (Perhaps someone 
can come up with the actual quote or reference.)  However, while I dloubt we 
could ever communicate with them, they might be able to come "down" to us -- 
which may account for the elusive UFO's that everyone is talking about.:-)

None of this is very easy to imagine. Since, our minds forced into "linear 
time," as well as three dimensional thinking (which only applies to this 
physical plane) are too limited to encompass the infinite possibilities of 
holistic multidimensionality, non-locality, and non-linearity --  that is the 
real nature of the entire Universe.  However, all this may become perfectly 
obvious to us, intuitively, when we are in an altered state of pure spiritual 
consciousness (such as in the state of Samadhi reached by the Adept in deep 
meditation.) and can place our zero-point center of awareness in the 
zero-point center of the ONE universal Self -- who is all wise and all 

So, HPB was correct when she said that Venus has us NOW there 
(synchronistically) as seventh racers...  (i.e., in that state of evolution 
we will be in after our seventh round and seventh race on Earth.)  Therefore. 
it should be intuitively obvious, from a synthesis of all of HPB's teachings, 
that there is only one Humanity, split on seven rays, in this solar system... 
And that we go through seven rounds and races on each of the seven mystic 
planets until we collectively arrive at the consciousness level of the Solar 
Demiurge or Solar God.  (This is as far advanced as can be theosophically 
determined from the teachings in the Book of Dzyan and its commentaries.)  

After that, who knows?  As students, we can only speculate, and come to no 
meaningful conclusions.  Therefore, as the teachers advise, don't think about 
it too much.:-)  We have enough to do to be able to reach and understand our 
own present racial cycles on the present Globe.  As WQJ pointed out, the Atma 
or "Spirit in man" that we are trying to reach as human beings on this Earth, 
"is NOT the Supreme Spirit."  It follows, that we go to Brahm, Brahm goes to 
Prarabrahm, and Parabrahm goes to Paraparabrahm... And, from there?  It's 
anyone's guess.

Hope this adds further clarification to my earlier post.


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