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Theos-World Re: Answer to Arnaldo

Dec 09, 1999 12:55 PM

At 01:21 PM 12/09/1999 -0500, Maureen T Fitzgerald wrote:
So I will get untold benefits through remaining on the list, but would
enjoy it
so much more should there be no censorship on content yet also no personal
attacks.  And I give many thanks to those of you that have been so kind to
a new
learner, and may that generosity extend to all newcomers to your lists.
respond if you feel you have something to offer the newcomer.  I know from my
emails that there are many out there who do not feel comfortable posting.
Please open your hearts to them.

Have a wonderful day.


I am glad that you received positive encouragement from many - both on the
list and privately. I think it is the duty of everyone to encourage
everyone to express their ideas, opinions and questions because none of us
have all the answers or have first hand information on most things.

Internet maillists is an entirely new medium of communication and it takes
quite a while before many dare to post, that is from where hesitancy comes
from. Since postings are read by everyone, one is likely to see responses
which question one's *beliefs* or *opinions* and such questioning makes
many uncomfortable. In addition, many may not want to post for fear of
other repercussions outside of the list, especially due to the interlocking
membership on other entities.

Also the uncensored nature of the lists makes fair game anything anyone
posts on any subject.

>PS Before I forget, I will ask Alan a question I'm not expected to - in your
>recent posting to Grigor you said "Although this is technically 'off
topic' for
>theos-1 may I thank you for this post."   Are there rules about "off
topics?"  I
>sincerely hope not, I would dearly miss Kym's quirky sense of humour as
the two
>of you make your charming exchanges! (So sorry, the devil made me do it!)<

I don't know of any rules about topics. So we do get variety of postings on
various subjects that subscribers are interested  in. Feel free to post
anything you like.

mkr aka doss

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