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Theos-World (no subject)

Dec 07, 1999 07:16 PM
by Manjusha Varma

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To all those who theos-talk,

What happened? Why the sudden lull in the on onging discussions. I was
rather enjoying it, though I was not contributing much.

I would like to ask about pyramids in relation to spiritual growth. I had
seen a pyramid ( seemed like a crystal one with  a bright and luminscent
apex) in my dreams a couple of days ago. Something tells me it has some
significance but I know not  what.

If you've forgotten to mail me the latest discussions please do so without
any delay.

Manjusha wrote:

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> someone "believe in it", just that this is a place where it can be
> respectfully studied.
> Lurking is fine, but thoughtful comments are even better. Readers
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> appear, as well as start threads of their own.
> Welcome aboard.

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