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RE: Theos-World With a little help of my friends....

Nov 23, 1999 11:12 AM
by Ana Marķa Torra


Dear Estrella,

as Dallas said: You are not alone, you know. There are no loose ends in the universe and we are all part of that web, and a web is something closely united, there are not isolated parts, not even you, no matter how low you may feel at the moment.

I know there are times in which it seems so difficult just to make sense of the words, even of the very words that could be so helpful. But we are so far,  hidden in that "fog" that does not let us see things from a lighter perspective. And at those times there is one thing we can do at least: TRUST. "Hope", as Dallas said, and TRUST. There was a time in my life in which it was so difficult for me to cope that I decided I would trust, and it worked!!!! When we are older and we see things in perspective, we realize that most of the times we should not have worried as we did, because now we understand the lesson we were experiencing at the moment. Well, it's only a question of trying to trust that there is a purpose in everything, because THERE IS. And from the moment you trust, accepting becomes easier.

Reaching out is good, too, because, although we are not alone, it is also comforting to have some proofs of it ;-)

From a part of the web in Barcelona, a very warm hug to you

Ana Maria.   


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