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Theos-World RE: With a little help of my friends....

Nov 23, 1999 06:40 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 23rd 1999
Hi Estrella:
It is long since we have heard from you -- and it is sorry news that you bring of loneliness.  But you see you are not really alone, not ever.
You have your memories of the past contacts and our exchange of thoughts together.  And they are good to recall. So you have never been "alone."  You only think you are.  You need only write to feel that response waiting to hear from you.   Where are you now, and what have you been doing?
As to you own present feeling of isolation and loneliness, why not look on it as you now have, a little, as it is mood and all moods are passing things.  We can make them short or long depending on how we think.  If we are saddened because we know that we can "do better," then the thing to do is to get out and continue "doing." 
We are, each one of us, a "thinker" --  A Soul.  And the Soul cannot be killed, even if our moods seem to overwhelm us and surround us with a "fog."  All fogs lift after a while, and after the night or the clouds, the Sun always shines, as the great Earth always revolves. 
We have to keep a mental grasp (when we think we are only surrounded by darkness) of the memory of the Sun -- of the Father that gives us all our physical lives through its warmth and universal friendliness to all creatures.  There is a "ray" of that universal Sun, which lives in each of us.  It lives also in every other thing, in our friends, and family, and also in those we think of as "strangers."  It is to be seen giving life to the trees, and the flowers and to all the animals and humans in the world.  It is essence of the minerals -- as crystals of brilliancy and worth -- and occasionally even those emerge from the Earth and are brought into the Sun again.  And therefore we speak of brotherhood as the first object to think about, to live for, and to practice.  It is the common source of all Life -- god, the Father of all -- who always keep HOPE alive in our hearts.  If we are isolated it is because temporarily we loose the memory of this fact.  Cal it back to life and make it work for you.
We are all immortal pilgrims working for our better understanding of our world, our friends, our family and finally of our inner selves.  If you wish to call on us again, then, like that which you have just done, reach out and write us all again.  And so we are eternal student, always learning something new.  and this ought to gives us the joy of "ever becoming."  We always have something we can do.
Let's look at and recall the "bright side" of things.  As you finish your letter, you recall that your name means you are named the "star-born," and will always relate to the "stars."  Each one of us is a "star" on this earth.  You are a being of HOPE.  And while you may never totally realise any one "hope," you can always use it as a guide a something to aspire to, and remember you already bathe in, and live in its radiance.  That radiance can never be lost.  Never make the night darker by "shutting it out."
The star is within.  It is the Christ-star, and it is wise.  Jesus said:  "I and my Father are one."  He also called himself the "Son of Man." and "the son of God."  At one point he spoke to his disciples and said:  "Do you not know you are Gods?"  So he was referring there to the imperishable STAR that is within -- a "ray" a "star" of the ONE SPIRIT.  And therefore we can never be, CAN NEVER BE totally isolated or lonely.  We can never "loose our Soul."  It is the Soul inside that makes us think, and as we are always able to think, we can see that its friendliness to us, takes us through the darkest moods of despair and loneliness at time.  But we never ought to loose HOPE.  The night will always pass and the Sun will rise again, for everyone.
In a way, we are all brother and sister stars.  We are all soul stars and we are immortals and we help each other through thoughts and good feelings.
But the fogs of fear, and of a false sense of isolation always lift, if we wait and have patience.  And if we reach out to touch our friends and companions there will always be a response -- sometimes it is only a thought, or a word.  And those we can put away in our treasure-house of memories and bring them out whenever we feel lonely and in despair.
Best wishes to you and be comforted.  You will never be alone.
Now get busy and write us all again and tell us what you have been doing for the last year or so since we heard from you -- perhaps you can help us also, like you used to.  We are all part of the great human family, and feel able live and love you and each-other along with you.  The great cure for despair and loneliness is to get out and see if you can help someone else through their problems and needs.  That "takes us out" of our mood and isolation.  Every mood, every thought, every moment of our lives is a "learning experience."  We live THROUGH THOSE THINGS. They need not overwhelm us.
Best wishes to you, as always,
Your friend,


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Hi all, it is been a while since i writed here.
The reason for my delay in writing, besides of changing my email adress, it is because of serious difficulties in my schoolwork. the pressure it is been extreme, and i have the feeling that i cannot do it.
    Well, i am quite young still, but as some of you have experienced once in a while in their lifetime, there are a certain time in your life when you experience what the rolling stones have called "19 nervous breakdown"
    I am passing now one of those moments. i will not waste time explaining the serious difficulties what i am having in my schoolwork project, but i will resume them in one: Want to get the heck out of here. I claim mercy. I realize that i am doing something that i should have never started, and the major difficulty: I cannot finish it.
    I am feeling right now like in a bad version of a Kafka book, and the depression it is something more ahead that i can manage. i need help. I do not like to cause compassion or that other pepole do the work i am supposed to do, but, if i am asking for help, it is because this is more than i can handle for the moment.
    And all of you, dear good folks, maybe true magicians in disguise, i have followed you, even if i do not write, and trying to learn, as i do always all the time, and i like when you make me laugh, and i feel sad when you feel sad.
    But i know that you always had changed me, for the better: for you make me learn.
    And that is good.
    But now i am appealing to your mercy, and your help, as friends that you are, as i consider you. speccialy to the most closest and kind that always have been there when i had asked help.
    And i really need a big effort of help now. What kind of help?? the best. Just pray. your good will and good taughts. because for me it is a time of emptyness, and i really cannot do more effort. i have tried, but i do not know how to help myself.
    As you had noticed, i am quite lonely. in fact, i am, as never, or maybe few times in my life.
    Thank you all, in advance, for your concern, if any. any help is welcome.

    "Trying to reach the stars, but still in earth, how far am I...."

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