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RE: Theos-World Interesting statistics

Nov 08, 1999 09:54 PM

If we look back at the historical progress, two key factors in increasing
efficiency are transportation and communication.

Looking back at what the Adepts are capable of doing, -- instantaneous
transportation by means of materialization and communication using psychic
faculties. Obviously there is a parallel in what is happening in the world.

Transportation has progressed at an exponential speed from the time of dune
buggy. We can now travel rather in a matter of several hours to almost any
part of the world. 

Communication has also speeded up. Many parts of the world are now wired
and one can pick up the telephone and call speak to someone at the other
end. Or contact by Internet.

We all know all the exploitation of one human being by another is going on
in all parts of the world -- this may be driven by or biased by many
factors such as color, sex, ethnic origin, origin of country etc. etc. As
we have to take the best of all available current resources, it is the
human genius which has to find means of effectively using the modern
technological advances to help alleviate the sorrow and suffering that
human beings face every day everywhere. sorrow and suffering does not

These are some of my thoughts.


At 11:12 AM 11/09/1999 +1030, Free Tibet wrote:
>The problem as I see it is this. What is required from society/civilization
>as a whole to give us the internet? What is required for us to have a
>computer, a telephone infrastructure etc? How are these things obtained in
>this world. In our deisre for technological process are we placing the
>burden on elements we are barely aware of. ie cheap foreign labourers etc.
>Just some thoughts
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>Subject: Theos-World Interesting statistics
>Here is some interesting info.
>How long it took inventions to reach 10 million housholds.
>Telephone   ---           38 yrs
>Fax            ---           22 yrs
>Cable TV    ---           25 yrs
>Cell Phones -              9 yrs
>VCRs          -              9 yrs
>Personal Computers -- 7 yrs
>Internet                    -- 4 yrs
>While thesophists may be interested in "Ancient" Wisdom, and some may not
>understand or avoid Internet and want to mimick the living conditions in
>Tibet, the fact of the matter is modern technology should be fully utilised
>to make theosophy reach as many people as possible.
>I suppose there may be many greying lurking undecided skeptics of Internet.
>There appears to be many "theosophists" who may think or imagine they are
>closer to the being initiates, on the way to adeptship and who care less or
>do not understand Internet. Hopefully the statistics may make them think
>and meditate to find out what Internet can do for theosophy, do it quickly.

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