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Theos-World Interesting statistics

Nov 08, 1999 04:33 AM

Here is some interesting info.

How long it took inventions to reach 10 million housholds.

Telephone   ---           38 yrs
Fax            ---           22 yrs
Cable TV    ---           25 yrs
Cell Phones -              9 yrs
VCRs          -              9 yrs
Personal Computers -- 7 yrs

Internet                    -- 4 yrs

While thesophists may be interested in "Ancient" Wisdom, and some may not
understand or avoid Internet and want to mimick the living conditions in
Tibet, the fact of the matter is modern technology should be fully utilised
to make theosophy reach as many people as possible.

I suppose there may be many greying lurking undecided skeptics of Internet.
There appears to be many "theosophists" who may think or imagine they are
closer to the being initiates, on the way to adeptship and who care less or
do not understand Internet. Hopefully the statistics may make them think
and meditate to find out what Internet can do for theosophy, do it quickly.


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