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Theos-World RE: Dyzan, Dzan, chan and TarimPS

Nov 07, 1999 12:29 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 7th

Dear Grigor

I appreciate the difference you indicate.

To make myself clearer (at least to myself) let me say that you
probably will never find all the evidence in objective artifacts
or relics that will enable you to confirm every least detail of
what HPB and Theosophy teach.  They are simply not available

And as I look over the ever increasing numebr of commentaries and
translations or texts as now emerge I can sense where many key
statements have been altered by or changed by sectarians.

We simply do not have access to the secret libraries of the
Occult Fraternity of which HPB speaks so often with utter clarity
and confidence in their actuality.

To modern physical based scholarship this will mean nothing
except, perhaps increased skepticism and derision.  They can find
nothing to prove that what she says is either correct or

Also, their inner perception along the lines of the
HEART-DOCTRINE not being developed, they cannot even
intellectually confirm the exactitude, or the reverse, of what
she says.  It remains a mystery, also a puzzle, and possibly it
may be true.  those who desire to arrive at a closure
arbitrarily, will reject in derision what she says, but, later
may find their conclusions quite premature.  The future will

I would however recommend a most careful reading of SD and ISIS
with a view to at least secure some view of the possibilities of
the esoteric information that she places before us.  The whole
and not the minutiae ought to be considered.  It is written as a
synthesis, that resolves the differences of many analyses.

As I think of it, I would put it in this way:  The starting point
is to look at ourselves as eternal pilgrims, as on going minds
and eternally learning in many bodies in succession --
reincarnation and karma being facts to consider.

The next is the concept that this is essentially a moral universe
and that fairness and justice rules.

But what I have just written is outside the rules of dry and
dusty academic consideration as those can only be apprehended in
the depths of one's own private consideration.

It is really unfair to say this, as it seems almost as though one
is accusing ones' correspondent with some lack, and that is
certainly not my intention.

I would rather like to place it in another light:  To one who is
groping in the dark the lighting of a candle is of assistance.
If what I write ,lights such a candle, then my purpose in writing
and noticing your good work is served.

best wishes to you,


PS  May I add ?

But to a trained metaphysician who would probe all the data
available from the "EYE-DOCTRINES" the work so far is only a part
of the evidence, the "HEART DOCTRINE" emerges. from them, but is
never entirely contained by all of them.  The "HEART-DOCTRINE is
essentially synthetic and creative, not destructive, critical or



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> Theosophy is not a patch work of material collected and somehow
>  made into a "collage,"
I never claimed it was.  But if you are doing historical
detective work,
you end up with a patch work of material because of the vagaries
of history.  What we find is the debris of whathas not been
in the past.  The claim was that HPB's esoteric source was most
Dzog chen, which claims to be a buddhism older than Gautama's
Dzog chen is not a syncretistic mixture of mutually alien
elements.  Yet,
digging up its history may give the appearance of that because of
the nature of the flotsam and debris washed up of buried on the
shore of the present that constitutes the physical evidence and
residue of the past.


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