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Re: Theos-World Question on Blavatsky Quote of the day

May 22, 1999 02:29 PM
by Arnaldo Sisson Filho

Dear Louis,
Below follows a tentative answer to your question.
I just hope that it may be of some usefulness to the
elevation of our souls.

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Assunto: Theos-World Question on Blavatsky Quote of the day

>Quote of the Day (for May 22):
><<Esoteric philosophy teaches that everything lives and is conscious, but
>that all life and consciousness are similar to those of human or even
>beings..>> Secret Doctrine Vol I page 49. By Helena Blavatsky.
>In the Blavatsky quote of the day mentioned above, HPB uses the phrase
>"similar to." Should we interpret that to mean "not equal to" also???

Consciousness, as far as I can conceive it, may be in the realm of
Manifestation, or may be beyond it.  In the realm beyond  Manifestation
there is little point in speaking about it, at least myself. But in the
of Manifestation Consciousness seems to works always through a
Citta medium, or through a "Mind" (not only Manas - thinking principle/
vehicle - but also beyond that).

Therefore, in the realm of Manifestation, Consciousness seems to
be always caught in the Time process. If this is correct, than in this
realm you seem to be correct and, yes, we should interpret "similar to"
as meaning "not equal to". For it seems that in this realm there is
nothing exactly equal to anything else. Even if we could imagine two
things in all aspects equal (which is already difficult), their position in
the Time process would have to be different, otherwise they would not
be two things, but only one thing.

Your brother,   Arnaldo.

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