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Re: RE: Theos-World Is Observation Such a Bad Thing?

May 21, 1999 00:45 AM
by LeonMaurer

In a message dated 5/14/99 4:06:46 AM, writes:

<<  It is said that one of the things
that the Adept learns is "the ultimate divisions of Time."  But
we are not yet given an idea of what that is. >>

It is very simple, and has been explained many times in the Secret 
Doctrine--whenever one reads that the fundamental laws are based on cycles 
and periodicity, that *motion* never ceases whether the universe is in or out 
of manifestation, and that the awakened universe can be described as the 
"Great Breath."  

Thus, in the beginning (of this or any cycle of manifestation), when the 
universe appears on any level (starting with the first awakening of 
consciousness)--the first linear motion in each such "appearance" must be in 
the form of a cycle (of expansion and contraction) emanating out of the 
nonlinear state of Absolute motion (resting in the form of pure *spin* around 
a laya point of absolute stillness or Tamas).  

When this initial cycle (or vibration) is completed, (i.e. the time taken to 
complete the expansion [inflation] and contraction [deflation]) of the first 
*wave* (cycle) -- is the first moment of time.  (An adept should be able to 
detect this moment after training his mind and all inner organs to become 
absolutely still.)  This "first moment", as each successive layer of our 
descending seven fold nature awakens, is the "ultimate divisions of 
time"--particularized for each field phase order of frequency.  i.e. 
Consciousness or the "field" of pure spirit, when manifest through its 
vehicle of Buddhi, is at the highest order frequency spectrum closest to 
infinity--while physical matter is at a much lower order frequency spectrum 
that can be detected and measured by electronic, photonic and mechanical 

Each successive stage of Nature, then, as it progresses downward from spirit 
to matter has its own "ultimate division of time."  On the physical-material 
plane, this, perhaps, would be the time it takes for the highest energy Gamma 
wave (vibrating much faster than "visible" light or radio waves) to complete 
one cycle of its vibrational frequency.  Progressively, as we go up the scale 
of our seven fold nature, this ultimate division of time would become shorter 
and shorter until it reached the frequency of the first spiritual wave 
closest to infinite frequency and infinitesimal time.  Do we wonder why 
occultism (which is at the root of theosophy) teaches that a telepathic 
thought pattern, riding on the mental field waves, could be projected around 
the world apparently in a single (unmeasurable--except by an Adept, perhaps) 
instant, while it would take a radio wave a grossly measurable time to travel 
the same distance?  Or, that astral energy (and even higher order fields such 
as Prana and Manas) can be consciously focussed and manipulated--(as we can 
focus and manipulate the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums... e.g. music, 
photography, holography, TV, radio, movies, etc.)--to perform so called 
"magical" or "mind over matter" phenomena.  

How do you see this concept of "coenergetic" and time-linked (seven fold) 
"inner fields" with relation to the Third Object?

I hope this helps.


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