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Theos-World Shabkar's song

May 20, 1999 12:13 PM
by Nick Weeks

The guru Shabkar (1781-1851)  wrote a song (one of many) on the need for
compassion, the root of all Dharma.

Avalokiteshvara, might Great Treasure of Compassion, from my heart I invoke
your blessing.
By this blessing, may compassion be born in my mind and in the minds of all
beings under the sky.

If a man has compassion, he is a Buddha; without compassion, he is a Lord of

With compassion, the root of Dharma is planted, without compassion, the root
of Dharma is rotten.

One with compassion is kind even when angry, one without compassion will
kill even as he smiles.

For one with compassion, even his enemies will turn into friends, without
compassion, even his friends turn into enemies.

With compassion, one has all Dharmas; without compassion, one has no Dharma
at all.

With compassion, one is a Buddhist, without compassion, one is worse than a

Even if meditating on voidness, one needs compassion as its essence.  A
dharma practitioner must have a compassionate nature.

Compassion is the distinctive characteristic of Buddhism.  Compassion is the
very essence of all Dharmas.

Great compassion is like a wish-fulfilling gem.  Great compassion will
fulfill the hopes of self and others.

Therefore, all of you, practitioners and laypeople, cultivate compassion and
you will achieve Buddhahood.

May all men and women who hear this song, with great compassion benefit all

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