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Re: Theos-World The Next Torch-Bearer

May 19, 1999 09:00 PM
by Arnaldo Sisson Filho

Dear brothers,

The first TS(Adyar at least, I do not know about
the other theosophical organizations yet) Object
speaks of creating a nucleus without distinction
of creed etc. Being so, what is the problem if some
one believes Sai Baba is the NTB? I am not
suggesting that he is, I am just asking what is the

The three Objects given to the world last century
by the TS are still my lighthouse, and my path to
follow. Too bad we invented a new creed, which
we gave the name of theosophy. Now we judge the
others by the standard of this creed, and do not
pay attention to the three Objects any more, not
even in the TS.

The spirit of theosophy is mutual tolerance, charity
and love, and its objective expression is the practice
of that. All sincere seekers should be welcome in
the TS, or in any theosophical org./list that deserves
that denomination. Not only those who repeat the
writings of the new creed.

If we go on teaching what we call theosophy, the
new creed, "the theosophical world view", what
is the difference between us and the other
churches? Of course, our creed is The Perfect
Truth. But again, all churches have the same
claim. We should listen and compare.

If Sai Baba has something to say, good. Let us
hear his words. Let us also hear the Gita, the I
Ching, Buda, Tao Te King, Zend Avesta, the Bible,
the Vedas, the Koran, Confucius, Pitagoras,
Plato, Roger Bacon, Plotinus, Thomas Moore,
Patanjali, Francis Bacon, Paracelsus, Bahaullah,
Kardec, our dear Old Lady as well, of course. And
also Krishnamurti, Judge, Besant, Steiner, Bailey
and many, many others too, ancient or new,
lesser or greater than those few mentioned above!

We should not have a creed of our own to teach.
Our "creed" should be the practice of mutual
tolerance (at least that), and to try to help each
other in our paths. Therefore, we should be open
to hear (with respect and tolerance) particularly
those who think differently of our own beliefs.
Of course, we should not accept if someone tell
us to hear only Sai Baba, or only X, Y or Z.

I am sorry to repeat on and on this point of view.
But unless you show me to be in the wrong place,
that is, that this list is devoted ONLY to the new
creed, I will continue now and then to say so. Or
until someone show me to be wrong in this matter.

Un"theosophically" yours,    Arnaldo.

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Data: Quarta-feira, 19 de Maio de 1999 21:55
Assunto: Re: Theos-World The Next Torch-Bearer

>Thanks Frank:
>If you or anyone else have immediate access to the "Adyar" journal, would
>interested in the full text.
>I fully agree that TS should not sponsor *any* *person* should be made
>"official" part of any TS lodge program nor any group or sect should
exploit TS
>as a source of recruitment. Each group or sect should do their own thing
>On the other hand, if any lodge or group wants to discuss Sai Baba or X or
Y or
>Z or their philosophy, no one should have any problem in doing so.
>One still wonders about the incidents where in D. Rajagopal, had been in
>with Sai Baba for his health problems. Since the theosophical leaders in
>announced Rajagopal as one of the Apostles of New World Teacher, and he was
>considered perhaps as a high initiate, the connection between him and Sai
>is puzzling in the least.

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