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Re: Theos-World K, Annie Besant and Closing of ES

May 09, 1999 02:14 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Arnaldo:

Thanks for your encouraging msg. My home has always been open to everyone and
anyone and this has been going on for a number of years. Even during my father's
time, this has been so. We always enjoy visitors. Many theosophical leaders and
ordinary people have been my guests over the years. So this is an open standing
invitation to everybody.

Arnaldo Sisson Filho wrote:

> Dear brother Ramadoss,
> Let me congratulate you for your message below.
> As far as I can see, brother Martin was not being very
> reasonable, let alone correct in his messages to you.
> But he was sincere, for all I could see, both in his
> messages, as in his desire to meet you personally.
> Being so, I am very glad you invited him to stay at your
> home next time he goes to San Antonio. Although, as
> you know well, I may not agree 100% with your point of
> view either, is that so important? Certainly not! But the
> example your are giving us of brotherly conduct, of
> cordial tolerance - that is of paramount importance to
> our deformed and sectarian theosophical movement.
> That is why I want to express my gladness with your post,
> and sincerely thank you for the same.
> As yesterday was White Lotus Day, let me show a little
> of gratitude to our dearest "Old Lady", sharing a small
> jewel from her pen:
> "Therefore, the only God whom we should serve is Humanity,
> and our only cult should be the love of our fellow men. Doing
> evil towards him, we wound God and make him suffer. When
> we deny our brotherly duties and refuse  to consider a pagan
> as well as a European as our brother, we deny God. This is
> our religion and our dogmas." (Collected Writings, vol. VIII,
> p. 88)
> May the "Old Lady" help us, poor followers of her corageous
> steps, may we be grateful to her, as to her co-workers and
> mainly to Those we believe that were and that are her Chiefs.
> Your brother,   Arnaldo.
> -----Mensagem original-----
> De: M K Ramadoss <>
> Para: <>
> Data: Domingo, 9 de Maio de 1999 11:10
> Assunto: Re: Theos-World K, Annie Besant and Closing of ES
> >Dear Martin:
> >
> >Thanks for your detailed response. I live in San Antonio which is 200 miles
> >west of Houston and is a 3-1/2 hour drive. Some time before your visit to
> >Houston, I noticed your plan to speak before the lodge there. Had I been
> >living in Houston, I would have contacted you immediately and would have
> >invited you to stay with me. If you happen to visit San Antonio, I offer to
> >host you is always there. I would love to meet you. I think the Truth is a
> >Pathless land was posted either theos-l/theos-talk or both and will try to
> >find it and e-mail you. I believe it is also on KFA website.
> >
> >mkr
> >

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