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Theos-World Response to Rich

May 07, 1999 07:53 AM
by Gerald Schueler

[Rich]<< As humans have been growing ever more populous this millenium,
other species have been forced out.  The monads embodied in animals and
presumably in plants have been pushed out at an alarming rate. >>

Agreed. As humans increase, animals decrease. Buddhism,
and probably Hinduism, would explain this as more animals
becoming humans, but HPB says that this is not possible
so I don't know the Theosophical answer to this phenomenon.

>> I am certainly not suggesting that those monads have immediately
turned around to reincarnate as humans.  But I recall a parallel that
HPB gave, which was that dinosaurs for 
a long time were using in their persons all the available matter for 
embodiment of sentient monads.  As they died off more matter was freed
up for other life forms.>>

According to HPB's SD (which, as far as I know is very
unique to HPB) the "door" from animals to humans
closed millions of years ago when the Arc of Descent
ended and the Arc of Ascent began.

>>If humans are on the rise, they are in an exponentially inverse ratio
with other mammals at least, if not all vertebrates -- all declining in
diversity and numbers dramatically.  (I suspect the number of bacteria,
amoeba etc. haven't changed that much at all but I really wouldn't
know.)  This suggests that the number of relatively developed MONADS may
be all along constant in 
incarnation on the earth, as one or another species dominates and kills
off the others temporarily (until they re-evolve new forms from their
archetypes in the astral).>>

This is an interesting idea. I am not aware of any law
or rule about maintaining a constant number of monads,
but I am aware that our human lifewave is said to be
limited in number--that number having been fixed at the
turn of this 4th Round when the "door" closed.

The fact that our human population is so large suggests
that most of the entire human lifewave is currently
incarnating. Perhaps they have all done so at some
point millions of years in the past, but I can only wonder 
where they have all been in the interim.

Jerry S.

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