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Theos-World Is Not Starvation a Natural Karmic Effect?

May 07, 1999 07:47 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<The idea that people are starving because the world is overpopulated,
and therefore we should question whether it is helpful to give them food
somehow places the blame of overpopulation on those who are starving. >>

Duh???  Who would you point the finger at, Peter? Is it my
fault that people are starving in Africa?  When I was a
child, my mother made me eat at least most of what was
on my plate, with the rationale that "people are
starving in China."  I was unable, at that time, to see
the logical connection between my not eating something
I didn't like, and people starving in another country. I still
don't see the connection. When people have more
children than they can support, they starve. This basic
fact of nature is part of what we call karma, not to
mention common sense. I thought we Theosophists
were supposed to work along with nature?

(I suppose you can tell that I am a strong believer
in birth control :-))

Jerry S.

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