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Re: Re: Theos-World Who to blame?

May 06, 1999 11:53 AM
by Richtay

In a message dated 5/6/99 11:29:08 AM, Rich wrote:

<<<<But I am under no illusion that even if we were to take up every 
bit of money, power and knowledge and magically distribute them absolutely 
equitably to everyone, within 20 years we would again have serious imbalances 
worldwide.  People would offer to others their goods in exchange for various 
services, or squander their wealth, or misuse it through addiction or 

Louis responded:

<I'm sorry that you found my comments unappealing...>

Thanks for the concern.  But fortunately, this list doesn't exist in oder to 
make me happy.

Louis continues, 

<If you included information about human spirituality 
and genuine opportunity in that distribution, and it would take at least 20 
years, perhaps longer, to begin to impact a generation, why wouldn't it begin 
to resolve more of human suffering then our current attempts do?  >

But information on human spirituality has already been available for tens of 
thousands of years.  Every culture has its shamans, priests, healers; every 
culture has a body of myths and legends and fairy tales emphasizing altruism 
and wisdom-seeking.  While we could certainly do a better job reaching the 
masses, I think the problem is again not in simple distribution but in fact 
in the human "heart" or better, personal nature, which has taken millions of 
years to evolve to this point.

Louis further wrote,

some of the things mentioned in your last sentence also begin to get better 
with a proper distribution of empathetic sensitivity. Unless of course you 
suspect a germ of evil in the human heart and soul that cannot be reversed or 
eradicated. Is that possible?>>

Of course I don't believe that it cannot be reversed or eradicated !  I don't 
see how such pessimism could find much lodging in Theosophical circles.  But 
while Jerry is wise to hold out the possibility of enlightenment HERE and 
NOW, the fact is exactly what our Masters recognize: waking up for most 
people is a *very* long and *very* slow and *very* painful process.  Most 
people want to avoid it at all costs when it becomes clear what must be lost 
in order to gain the SELF.

So even if we imagine 6.1 billion care packages going out to every man, woman 
and child on the planet, with exactly the same amount of food, money, 
clothing, and books and pamphlets on human knowledge including Theosophical 
principles -- I propose that most people would not benefit much at all.  
Illiteracy, harsh environments, abuse from family and neighbors, overbearing 
governments, opposition from religious or other special interest groups -- 
all would conspire to keep people in their places.

Let's even further imagine that we could magically make everyone literate 
(which most of the world is not) and magically disposed to be interested in 
reading and studying, and magically free of time constraints so that everyone 
had the time to learn and meditate (see how fantastic this is getting??).  
Let's assume we had to cooperation of every church and government and 
money-making corporation.  (Ha)  Even so, the internal nature of most of our 
beloved human beings would rebel at such a radical change in disposition as 
Theosophy entails.  

In the final analysis, Theosophy asks one to drop all ego, all sense of 
separateness, all greed and envy and lust, and live for and as all other 
beings.  For the vast majority of people, including me and most of us on this 
list, it's an impossible task for the present, and even for the next 20 years 
or even the next 20 lives.

It should be becoming clearer now that mere distribution of knowledge and 
goods will not alter personal constitutions which have taken millions of 
years to form and crystallize.  People have set up an immense amoung of 
suffering for themselves, and there is little you or I or the greatest Master 
can do about it.  It is KARMA. 

Given all this, we must recognize that human inequalities and human suffering 
are here to stay.  As Jesus is reported to have stated, "The poor will always 
be with you."  I am *not* saying we should celebrate inequality and 
suffering, or further it.  But it is karmic, and natural, for humans to be 
unequal in beauty, charm, intelligence, money, ability, talents, attitude, 
care for others, virtue, wisdom, etc.  Rather than seek to undo material and 
intellectual inequalities, I propose that we should be working to ignore 
them, as if they didn't matter, and try to help people see the light whatever 
their station in life.  

Louis writes,

<<Once again Rich, I think we really are saying the same thing here. We are 
just saying it differently.>>

Perhaps, but I'm sure not convinced.  I don't think we should be trying to 
level the playing field, BECAUSE KARMA IS ALREADY DOING THAT by 
redistributing the wealth etc.  The people who are wealthy or poor now are 
exactly where they ought to be.  We have no right to change that, and we know 
that all will change soon anyway.  All we have a right to is our own 
resources and abilities, and I  find it quite dangerous to tell others what 
they ought to be doing with theirs.


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