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Re: Theos-World Response to Jerry

May 05, 1999 01:21 PM
by Richtay

In a message dated 5/5/99 6:16:20 PM, you wrote:

<<However, I do think that its likely that our current population is the 
highest ever, for whatever that may imply (?).>>

Again, I respectfully disagree.  Fossil evidence is minute even for the 
periods of history geologists and paleoarcheologists accept.  We find a jaw 
bone (as we did this year) and suddenly in our imagination an entirely new 
race of proto-human beings has existed, with a special new name and time 
period !  

My suspicion, and it is only that, is that the periods in the past when earth 
has had a very high density of humans are very remote, and have been followed 
by very serious cataclysms (as we are speeding toward one even now).  If the 
Hindu records are any guide (and perhaps they are not) the earth is 
successively drowned and burnt at the end of a cycle (whether one takes that 
to be a yuga, a kalpa, etc.)  Few organic records would survive this.  

Now take into account what HPB says about these previous races -- that except 
for the very latest of them, they have not been as dense and grossly physical 
as we are at the bottom of the materialistically "involuted" cycle on her 
little diagram of globes.  So if we accept her theory (and we don't have to, 
I suppose) previous races were more etherial, and in the beginning we must 
assume, actually astral and not physical at all.  What kind of impressions 
would they leave on gross matter millions of years hence?

There is a final problem, which HPB indicates in the S.D.  This is that as 
the earth contracted and solidified (astrally, not geothermally), what 
records there were in the earth's stratified crust have become compressed and 
even overlap.  I recall she explains this as the wide astral being ossified 
into the narrow physical.  This implies that the strata of geological periods 
which scholars have so assiduously teased out are not in fact necessarily 
consecutive or reliably distinct.

What this all means to me is that our current sciences, while diligent and 
sincere, are proceeding on entirely erroneous bases.  Materialistic 
assumptions, such as the view that continents and such are largely stable for 
long periods of time (except around the edges of tectonic "plates") can but 
lead to materialistic conclusions.

All of which is to say, perhaps you are right Jerry.  Perhaps we have the 
highest population of humans (woo-hoo) ever on the planet.  I doubt it.  But 
in any case, this is NOT the highest population of monads and it is easy to 

As humans have been growing ever more populous this millenium, other species 
have been forced out.  The monads embodied in animals and presumably in 
plants have been pushed out at an alarming rate.  I am certainly not 
suggesting that those monads have immediately turned around to reincarnate as 
humans.  But I recall a parallel that HPB gave, which was that dinosaurs for 
a long time were using in their persons all the available matter for 
embodiment of sentient monads.  As they died off more matter was freed up for 
other life forms.

If humans are on the rise, they are in an exponentially inverse ratio with 
other mammals at least, if not all vertebrates -- all declining in diversity 
and numbers dramatically.  (I suspect the number of bacteria, amoeba etc. 
haven't changed that much at all but I really wouldn't know.)  This suggests 
that the number of relatively developed MONADS may be all along constant in 
incarnation on the earth, as one or another species dominates and kills off 
the others temporarily (until they re-evolve new forms from their archetypes 
in the astral).


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