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Theos-World Response to Rich Taylor

May 05, 1999 11:07 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>[Jerry]<<There are more people living
>on Earth today than all the dead people throughout
>our history added together. >>
>[Rich] I highly doubt this. 

I suspect that it is out of line also, but it is the prevailing
scientific view.  It expresses the idea that there are a
hell of a lot of monads in incarnation today and one would
think that if the Earth had this many in the past, then
a good deal more archeological evidence would be
found.  The idea of Atlantis and Lemuria sinking would
only account for such a high population density twice
in our past. This is, of course, entirely possible. However,
I do think that its likely that our current population is the 
highest ever, for whatever that may imply (?).

I think that the central problem with reincarnation that 
most people have (even non-scientists) is its tendency to
stagnate motility. The worldview of an endless Wheel of
rebirths going on through (almost) endless time tends to
induce lethargy, sloth, and a general acceptance of
conditions, which in turn, chokes the evolutionary impulse
of a people. I could be wrong, but I think that this is
why Buddha taught liberation and emphasized that
this Wheel could be stopped for any individual at any
time.  I am not aware of any Buddhist culture that 
has the caste system found in India, or any that have 
the same degree of fatalism.

Do you see where I am trying to go here?  The TSs
are teaching that we are currently sowing the seeds
of a sixth Root Race here in America. They also are
emphasizing eternal rounds of rebirths while hardly
mentioning liberation at all except in the India/Hindu
sense of a remote possibility in a future life. I see
all of this as a hugh conflict because the sixth Root
Race cannot come about under such lethargic
conditions as we have seen in post-modern India
and even today (the caste system is alive and well
in modern India). In order to cultivate conditions
conducive to a sixth Root Race, where manas is
taken for granted and buddhi is activated, the
teaching of personal liberation is essential. HPB
said that the sixth Race would bud in the West.
Why? Probably because the East lacks the
necessary evolutionary impulse. That impulse
exists here today, but if modern Theosophy's
fatalistic view of reincarnation takes hold with
the general public like it has with most of this
list's membership, I am fearful that it will stiffle any 
such impulse and retard the birth of any advanced 
Root Race for many years. 

Jerry S.

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