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Re: Theos-World Response to Peter

Mar 23, 1999 01:24 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Anybody here on this list, who surfs around the globes and give me further information what happens there? Do they have, say on Globe C or Globe E also internet?
>PS, Many Theosophists use HPB's denouncement
>of psychism as an excuse to avoid any occult practices
>at all. Whenever it is suggested that the Globes can
>be visited here and now, for example, a great wailing
>cry of the dangers of psychism goes up. Psychism
>only concerns lower psychic vision and has nothing
>at all to do with intuition or higher scrying, or even
>with meditation leading to mystical or other higher
>altered states. It is fear and fear alone that does this.
>Psychism, while dangerous and to be avoided, is often
>an excuse for doing nothing at all. I refrain from
>psychism as HPB defines it, myself, and always have.
>Not out of any fear, but simply because the results
>are so unreliable.


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