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Theos-World Liberation

Mar 23, 1999 10:44 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>Do we as Theosophists actually desire total liberation?  If so, how do
our lives reflect that in practical, daily terms?  If not, why not?

As usual Rich, you are very thought-provoking. First we have
to define what liberation means. I think that all Theosophists
would agree (if *all" can agree on anything at all) that it does
not include nirvana. It is not escapism or leaving the physical
plane. OK, so what is it?

I see it as awakening, seeing through maya, being able
to know what is real from what is unreal. In a psychological
sense it is becoming ever more conscious. Conscious
awareness of what is really going on, frees us from the
karmic bondage of ignorance. When consciousness
expands enough, samsara will be seen to be no different
that nirvana, both being two sides of the same coin like
matter and spirit are. Then it is not a question of going
somewhere, but rather seeing directly and clearly where
we are now.

We currently know enough to be dangerous. We have
the desire to help others but usually lack the Knowledge 
of how best to do it. Providing the right amount of physical
or financial help is easy enough, but spiritual help requires
that we see auras or somehow know exactly what is
needed in each individual case.

Does the modern Theosophical movement have a
definition of liberation? Would such a definition
encompass in some way the elimination of karmic
bonds (i,e, ignorance, avarice, personal desire, etc)?

Jerry S.


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