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Theos-World Responses to Peter

Mar 23, 1999 09:41 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>According to you: to disagree with your view of psychology is 'to hate
it'.  To differ with your view of karma and reincarnation is to have a
'self defeating attitude'.  To question your view of 'single-lifetime
enlightenment' is to 'feel unworthy'.  To suggest that HPB does not
support your view, is 'to fear liberation' -  and on, and on.<<

Peter, I can only hope that I never really came across with such
glaring nonsense. You are reading between my lines, but even 
that is mostly my fault. No, I don't care if everyone disagrees or 
agrees with me at all. I don't even expect most folks to agree right 
off the bat, but rather perhaps to agree some years downstream long
after I am forgotten. 

Dallas' words implied, if not hatred, then outright denigration
of modern psychology. He thinks that Theosophy can
explain human behavior better. I think that he is wrong,
and just wanted to give an alternate view. My feeling is that 
psychology has its place. Theosophy, for example, says
that we need to eliminate negative thinking, but fails to
mention that a requirement for more lifetimes is itself
negative thinking. If it takes us more lifetimes, then so
be it, but thinking this beforehand is in fact self-defeating.

I never pointed to anyone in particular as self-defeating, but
rather the idea of having to wait 7 or so more lifetimes. We
all begin with feelings of unworthiness as part of our human
constitution. What I am saying is that we have to get past
that if we want to go anywhere at all on a spiritual Path.
My comments can be boiled down to the fact that we all
have self-defeating feelings within us and that these have
to be overcome before any real progress can be made, else
we will just sit on the sidelines and imagine how nice
things will be in future lives instead of how nice they could
be in this one.

Jerry S.


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