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Theos-World Liberation

Mar 22, 1999 11:55 PM
by Richtay

The topic of liberation has gotten me to thinking of a serious personal issue
I struggle with, as no doubt we all do.

Jerry S. has recently remarked that the very fact that we feel a desire for
liberation means we are ready for it.  The trouble is, I hardly ever feel that
way.  I certainly feel the desire to help others, and to make others happy,
and I spend a good amount of time trying to do well on schoolwork, keep the
house clean, keep up on correspondence.  Hardly ever do I actually feel I've
had enough of happiness and suffering and desires and fears etc. etc. to
really be rid of everything and experience total freedom.  When I do feel that
way, it doesn't seem to last for long.

Mostly I imagine liberation as some wonderful peaceful happy eternal state.
Trouble is, intellectually I strongly doubt it is anything like that, or like
anything I can imagine at all.  At that point I don't seem to want liberation
one bit.  Yet the entire philosophy of Theososophy, in my opinion, was only
intended for two things, and they are pratically the same (1) to induce us to
be better people morally so that (2) we are fitted to begin the cycle of
Adeptship in some life or other and attain liberation.

Do we as Theosophists actually desire total liberation?  If so, how do our
lives reflect that in practical, daily terms?  If not, why not?


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