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Theos-World More Responses to Peter

Mar 22, 1999 08:08 PM
by Gerald Schueler

>> -  what is the basis for your view that people are reborn just
because they think they will be?>>

I don't believe I ever said that, Peter. However, it is
true that most of what happens to us is the result of
our beliefs. HPB said that those who don't believe in
an afterlife won't have one.

>>- -  what support can you offer for your belief that this might be our
'seventh life' but we just don't know it?<<

Common sense. Unless we can recall our past six lives,
how can we know for sure? 

Here is a litmus test: The very fact that we have a
desire for liberation indicates that we are ready for it
regardless of the number of lifetimes we may have had.
If we have no such desire, then we aren't ready yet.

<- -  how do you reconcile experimenting with psychism with disolving
all our Karma and achieving Liberation in this one lifetime?>

Who ever said anything about "experimenting with psychism?"

Dissolving karma and achieving Liberation in this one lifetime
is an old Eastern doctrine that is coming to the fore today via
the flood of Tibetan Buddhist texts being published. It is
intended to inspire hope although statistically our chances are
slim. I think that the real point here is that we need to begin
treading a spiritual Path right now, in this life. Our ability to
help others is severely limited until we gain the needed
spiritual insight.

Jerry S.

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