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Re: Theos-World Are TRY and DARE in Today's TSs?

Mar 20, 1999 04:36 AM
by Teos9

In a message dated 3/19/99 2:26:44 PM Eastern Standard Time,

<< In a dozen places in her articles and letters HPB states that psychism is
 be eschewed by members of the TS-  >>

<<And what is the person's motive to DARE and to TRY? >>(i.e. not heed these

I would like to add, that this last point, in many respects, is also composed
of a wanton disregard by an unenlightened personality for the care and welfare
of other unenlightened personalities. Anyone who has seen the TV infomercials
on psychic hotlines, channeling, etc., will know that modern psychism as an
industry, has turned into an enormous cash cow. I would suggest that vested
interests in this new industry, may be an underlying motive of why one might
continue to defend such Theosophically irresponsible positions, as exploration
of lower psychism by mostly unprepared seekers or, one life karmic-resolution
scenarios. I am always surprised at how the Ancient Wisdom can be contorted
and used by the unscrupulous or uncaring on the unwary and uninformed.


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