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Theos-World Some Responses and Defenses

Mar 19, 1999 08:52 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>>Come now, Jerry, this repeated attribution of negative attitudes to other
theosophists in this group adds nothing to the validity to your arguments,
nor does it lessen the validity of views different to your own. <<
First of all, I am not trying to win converts. Secondly, I do not mean
to imply that my views are valid while those of others are invalid. The
fear of psychism and liberation, and the feeling of unworthiness
because it is such a terribly hard Path that takes seven lifetimes
and so on is a valid point of view for those who are indeed not
ready to get into such things. The TSs fear publishing such things
because they know damn well that someone out there will get hurt
by it. I understand this. I just think that sometimes they go a little
overboard. To err on the side of caution is not necessarily the
way to go with occult matters. I feel it important just to discuss these
important subjects. Liberation is an option that is available to
anyone, but not if we are ignorant of it.
Jerry S.

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