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RE: Theos-World This Life Expresses All Past Lives

Mar 19, 1999 10:46 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

March 19th
Dear Gerry:
Why should I denigrate the personality?  It is necessary.  It is also made  up of billions of MONADS and they presumably aggregate in my environment because we are related.  If I neglect or abuse them then indeed personal Karma grows because of carelessness and a disregard of that which is due to them.  Similarly , with a Sage, he has a duty to those members of humanity who draw near to him and make up his "company."  But this is a never ending process.
You try, apparently to limit KARMA to a rather narrow area.  Where as the broad definition is that which sees its operation as attraction/repulsion in the areas of the physical, emotional, ethical, mental and spiritual areas -- in fact everywhere.
I have never yet found any reason for confining my concept of it.  In fact I do not perceive any causes that are reasonable which might do that.
The reason I think theosophical psychology is at odds with modern Western Psychology is that it is brad and general, whereas in the West it is focused around the personality and its emotions (and their ramifications) only.  It does not take the immortality of the EGO into account, or Spirit as a universal base and cause for existence, nor does it consider the existence of the MONAD as a vital factor.
When it makes those steps, then it will succeed in ridding itself of about as many problems as current Christian theology has created for itself.  But I would prefer not to be involved as a "believer" in either.  Too many insolubles that logic chips holes in

              Dallas TenBroeck

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>Western Psychology starts with the perishable consciousness of
one life.<<
Dallas, as you know, our body this time around is the cumulative
expression of all of our past lives and is, in fact, our crystallized
karma at this evolutionary moment. Don't denigrate your body
or your mind that you have in this life; it carries the baggage (fruit)
of all of your past with it. If you can explain your behavior in this
life, then you can explain it over the course of your evolutionary
lifetimes. The karma that we each have in this life expresses in 
miniature our karmic burden built up over the past countless
millions of lifetimes.
Jerry S.

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