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Theos-World Re: Psychology

Mar 19, 1999 08:10 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>>The STUDY of human behavior is an academic exercise. I do not see that it has
anything to do with knowing what a persons intent was in a given behavior.
Knowing intent, is at best, an endless speculation.<<
I am sorry to hear you think that there is no connection between
behavior and intent. As far as I know, psychology acknowledges
such a connection. Don't forget, the road to Hell is paved by
good intentions...

<<< The "law courts" not only acknowledge psychology, but they demand it>>>
>>This could be one of the reasons why the court system is failing so badly. In
a recent study, it was discovered, that where capital punishment is practiced,...
I think we are all in agrement on this list that capital publishment
is wrong and should be abolished. Most psychologists would
probably agree too.

<<The reason that I went into psychology
myself is my interest in people and why they act the way
they do>>>
<<Oh? You do this for free??>>
Although you are being cutsy here, no, I don't take
money. I work as a contractor for the Gov. and write.
My psychology is used working with children, for
which I get no money but for which I get much more
than money can ever buy.
Jerry S.

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