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RE: Theos-World Jung's Views

Mar 17, 1999 04:46 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

March 17th


All you say below are things I have heard described.

Theosophy deals with the whole individual and not only with the
personality and its emotional, and desire-nature whims, quirks
and problems as they may or may not have developed based on early
childhood or up-bringing problems.

Some of the worst offenders within my observation have been the
children that have been pampered and coddled and who have grown
into adulthood with the idea that mama and papa will fix it all
for me, because they love me.  If there is anything more
anti-social !

However each of us (and them) is endowed with an INDIVIDUALITY
consisting of the Immortal Spirit-Soul and while this is set
aside by modern psychology the ancient psychology of India,
China, Persia, Kabalah, etc. -- now called Theosophy, say this is
the most important factor.

If this is not integrated then there is constant misunderstanding
and there is reconciliation only with the greatest difficulty, as
all the missing links have to be filled in again.

The Immortal SELF, also called the MONAD (Atma-Buddhi) employs
the Mind to contact the personality.  The personality either
welcomes of jibes at this.
And then there is a battle royal between the mind and the
emotions.  Since the Mind is superior, it may take a long time,
but eventually the emotions become the servants of the Sage.

Our western psychology as I see it is designed to apologize and
forgive the personality for its errors and ignorance.  But the
law courts do not entirely agree.  They speak of a responsibility
and designate this not purely as a result of legislating, but as
something innate to each human and act accordingly.  Why is that

Best wishes,



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>>Regarding Jung and his views. Did he ever conceive of an
immortal Ego
within the personal Self ?  What responsibility did it assume for
directing of the life and choices of individuals?>>

Exactly the opposite: there is an immortal Self above/over the
ego. Jung taught that the archetypal Self pre-exists the ego,
which is
born with the body and grows with it and dies with it.
The archetypal Self is timeless and spaceless. Its primary symbol
is the
mandala. It communicates with the ego in several ways, but
through dreams.

>>What and how was the ethical nature of man the actor considered

Jung was greatly concerned about ethics and morals. His theory of
persona and shadow are the foundations of how good and evil come
Addressing the shadow, and the whole question of ethical and
behavior is the very first step of his individuation process. I
consider it to be the very first step in any meaningful spiritual

>>Why do people get hailed into Court?  What is a crime ?  and
who dos
it ?

Crimes, courts, laws, and social behaviors have been studied in
depth by modern psychology, and a great deal is now known.
However, this
is all surface stuff, and has nothing at all to do with
Theosophy, the
spiritual Path, reincarnation, liberation, and so on.

Did you know, for example, that if a baby is not hugged and
changed and
fed regularly, especially after it cries out for help, then it
develop an anti-social personality later in life (i.e., its
will never be allowed to develop)? How does this tie in with
reincarnation and karma? Perhaps it is the karma of some babies
not to
receive proper care?

Modern psychology has demonstrated rather conclusively that both
and nurture, both genes and environment, are essential for human
development. In short, we can say that both reincarnation
(expressed as
genetic inheritance) and karma (expressed in the environment as
meeting of needs) both play significant roles in human

Jerry S.

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