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Re: Theos-World Forgiveness

Mar 16, 1999 11:39 AM
by Mark Kusek

<< W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:

      Dear Mark:

      Do you mean that in "forgiving," you or I will escape the karma of

      our wrong actions?  This is what I am questioning. >>

Not escape. There is no escaping. As Jesus said, "not until every jot
and tittle ..." We are called to spiritual maturity and responsibility.

But, let's put it this way, light consumes darkness. You'll be better
apt to deal with it if your heart is open and full of mercy than if it
is hard, hateful or selfish.

Mercy, compassion, forgiveness, whatever you want to call it, is an
actual living flame, a real spiritual fire. Lord Buddha could have
remained seated in enlightenment under the Bo tree. He did not. He was
instead moved to get up and teach compassion. That's amazing. Rejoice in

"Sing to love for
Oh, twas He
who won the valiant day.

Strew the wreaths
of Victory
along the conquer's way.

Yoke the Muses
to His car.
Let them sing
each trophy won.

While unumbered
lips repeat,
Love's victory
is won."

The act of forgiveness does at least two things. It allows energy and
substance from the heart's inner nature to flood the outer person and
effect an actual alchemical change in the conscious psyche. This
promotes a certain freeing from influences and complexes that hinder and
bind you to illusion and ignorance, while also aiding to outfit the
lower nature to become an increasingly effective vehicle for it's
transmission. It can indeed consume, in an instant, certain negative
karmic influences. You don't have to mentally understand it in order for
it to work. You simply know and that's enough.

The other action I have observed is that it tends to mitigate the
effects of misfortune and promote the effective means for it's
resolution in direct proportion to it's continued presence in your life.
The more the act of forgiveness becomes a part of regular spiritual
practice, the more the healing effect gains momentum.

The big idea is to become forgiveness in action where you are. The
mystery is that your true identity and mercy are not two things.

<< Also in fairness to those wronged, what part will I play in the
     future to seeing they are assisted?  If I am to be forgiven, what
     compensation do they get ? >>

The work on your self is the greatest compensation they can receive from
you. The best gift you can ever give them is the fruit of the experience
of your own true nature as love. You can be THAT in action for them, now
and in the future. Forgive them and you are forgiven. That is the
teaching. What joyous Mystery!
Who would elect to stem the tide of love?

-- Mark

"Blessed is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world."
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