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Re: Theos-World Deities & Archetypes

Mar 16, 1999 11:40 AM
by Mark Kusek

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<< W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:

     Mar 15th

     Regarding Jung and his views. Did he ever conceive of an immortal
     Ego within the personal Self ?  What responsibility did it assume
     for the directing of the life and choices of individuals? >>

Yes, transcendant, impersonal and universal (he didn't use textbook
theosophical terminology though). The true center and core of the
psyche. He called it SELF and said that both Buddha and Christ are apt
symbols for IT. You really might like looking into Jung, he has a lot to
offer. SELF, according to his view, is the innate evolutionary force of
all our lives. It "assumes" the responsibility of (if you can really say
that, rather it evinces in the developmental life of Man the power of)
bringing the outer conscious personal psyche to the awareness of true
nature, which he called the "individuation process," and again cited the
life of Christ (among other god-men) as an example of the entire

<< What and how was the ethical nature of man the actor considered ?
     Why do people get hailed into Court?  What is a crime ?  and who
does it ? >>

Dallas, with the passion you have for reading and research, I would
really suggest looking into Jung. I'm sure you will find more than what
you are looking for, tons of food for thought and comparison. I'm
suprised that you aren't already more familiar with him.

-- Mark

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