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Re: Theos-World Re: Hassle on History

Mar 14, 1999 08:04 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 07:12 AM 3/14/1999 EST, Louis wrote:
>In a message dated 3/14/99 4:40:56 AM Eastern Standard Time,
><< I think the E.S. was a last-ditch attempt at true unity and
> brotherhood, which the "outer" T.S. so sorely lacked. >>
>And still does, I would add. So which is it, that that may not be a natural
>part of the human condition yet? True esoteric awareness or Human unity?
><<By their seven-fold pledge, the
>E.S. members committed themselves to being vessels of brotherhood and working
>centers of unity. They were meant to be models for the non-esoteric students
>to follow.>>
>It could have been a seven times seven-fold pledge and still would have meant
>nothing. Unless and until, enough of each members personality-identity, has
>been transformed into its essential spiritual nature, no amount of lip service
>works. The interesting point to ponder for me is, HPB knew this, Judge Knew
>this and I think Besant knew this. So what IS the value of pledge making and
>taking by personalities that do not have the Spiritual force yet developed, to
>actualize them?
><< Failing a real unified
>center, Masters had and have no choice but to work through individuals, as
>they did through HPB.>>
>So, here we are some hundred odd years later, and we are discussing topics
>like, why are the TS's falling apart, single nominee presidential elections,
>etc. I ask again, is it the work of HPB and the Masters that did not produce
>the hoped for results? Or, is it perhaps, that Human Unity is not an
>attainable goal on the Physical plane?

It was very clear from the early writings that the Brothers wanted a true Universal Brotherhood to be established wanted to have an impact on the well being of the Humanity. They did not make much of the occult instructions; chelaship, adeptship, working towards being inthe 6th root race, etc. And the Founders made the best of the available material -- people who are serious and were dedicated to the Cause.

Now may be an opportunity to bypass all the organizations and the politics and get a real world wide nucleus of dedicated people involved in the next millenium using "unmoderated" Internet as the tool. In the Internet medium, all money and property issues are also avoided. All being treated as equal human beings, which cannot happen in any organization.

Again per recent surveys, it is the affluent, educated younger generation which is using Internet generally and this group may be able to accomplish the task. In the Mahachohan letter which is considered by every theosophist from HPB onwards as the charter for the TS, it is clearly stated how the "elitist" group is impacting on the rest.

The future impact of Internet has not yet been clearly understood by the present leaders as seen by their absence in the medium. Only time can tell where we will be in 10 years.


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