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Theos-World Response to Dallas

Mar 11, 1999 07:52 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<I have always thought it was a deep disservice to provide some
kind of a filter between the "ORIGINAL PRESENTATION" of these texts and
the modern student who desired to study them.  I say "filter" because no
matter how well-intentioned the changes
introduced may be, they divert attention, perhaps, from what HPB
and the Masters desired to say. >>

Dallas, I understand your feeling here, but there is another
side to it. It is vitally important to keep the Teachings alive.
If we just keep the original writings and work only from them,
we will soon have a dead letter. Someone recently posted
a long quote from G de Purucker to the effect that words
alone will reduce the TSs to just another religion, and
that it is necessary to keep the spirit of the Teachings alive.
This is done primarily by living the words, but also by
communicating them in newer words. Truth has to be
re-clothed in new expressions or it dies.

I have yet to hear you give examples as to
how the original message is "diverted" or abused by
later writers, although I would agree that CWL tended
to Christianize Theosophy, which is not good. What
other writers do you think have adversely "filtered"
the original message?  de Purucker? Just curious.

Jerry S.

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