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Theos-World Are Ethics Essential for Progress?

Mar 11, 1999 07:52 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>So if anyone desires to make progress in either esoteric or
occult matters they have to make an equal and even far more basic
ethical change in their outlook.  I think it is for this reason
that the First Object of the T S was BROTHERHOOD. <<

In essence, Dallas, I agree with you here. However, my
main problem when it comes to ethics, is that they should
not be forced. Like psychic powers, they should develop
naturally.  A very important spiritual quality is spontenaiety
which never develops when ethics are forced.

My own personal opinion here, which culminates from
years of experience and study, is that compassion is
essential for occult progress--not ethics, which should
be allowed to develop naturally as one becomes
more compassionate.

Jerry S.

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