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Re: Theos-World Re: TO---Dallas TenBroeck SUBJECT---ULT'S ESOTERIC GROUP

Mar 10, 1999 10:49 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

 David Green wrote:
>payment for material & postage.  He didn't know me from Adam.  This in
>sharp contrast with several so called theosophists who've questioned my
>motivations, have sent me private email threats etc, suggested they knew
>truth but refused to provide one iota of factual material.  Latest

Don't worry! These same experiences had I in my theos. historical research,
perhaps every researcher has made this experiences. I am not an active
member of any T.S. and therefore I am free to ask questions - even forbidden
questions in the eyes of the receivers - to all lienages and groups. My
recent questions about some Pasadena TS actions are obviously forbidden by
the partisans, hurting me with slanders like "dogmatism" or even "sectarian"
or "bullshit".  Even simple common questions were not answered, i.e. from
Rich. That is their right, but I image that their policy is - in the eyes of
Mrs. Grundy - in the turn is dogmatic and sectarian. So their slanders may
be nothing else than projection of their own condition. All that is sad for
a movement with the motto: "There is no religion higher than truth!" Under
the leadership of KT and GdeP in the Point Loma Society every such attempt
of dogmatism was soon rott out, everyone had the right for information,
newbie's were even suggested to read the most slanderous and biased stories
about their TS! The doors of the staff were literaly always open, and they
were enjoyed when someone entered and asked something. The closed-shop
policy of nowadays is obviously an invention of James Long and his new
Pasadena TS. He has declared himself as successor, pushed away the rightful
successor William Hartley with occult methods. A qualified minority of some
40% of the membership didn't accept the claims of Mr. Long, their membership
was canceled and they remained as independent Point Loma Theosophists, true
to their own pledges.
As the scandalous article of Alan Donant shows there is no hope that the
Pasadena Theosophists are willing to work for truth, although the pityful
things are now 50 years back! What a luck the Theosophical Movement is of
pluralism and we have not a single theosophic Vatican. And with the groth of
the internet the foot has more possibilites to speak for themselve instead
to receive only the half-true official reports.
More facts, less hypocrisy is needed for the Theos. Movement of the 21st


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