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Theos-World Who is right?

Mar 10, 1999 09:57 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

In Theosophy World #33, March 1, 1999 (Part I) appeares the reprint: "THE NEW LEADER from THE THEOSOPHICAL FORUM, September, 1929, 8-12]". In the first paragraph we read: "Appointment of Dr. Gottfried de Purucker to succeed the late Madame Katherine Tingley as Leader and Official Head of the Universal Brotherhood and Theosophical Society was announced yesterday at the International Headquarters of the Society on Point Loma. Appointment of her successor had been made by
Katherine Tingley before she died..."
OTOH, James Long declared that KT never appointed GdeP and the more never any Leader appointed any successor; to be found The Leaders Tour in Europe, pp. 25-28.
Now, who is right? Any idea?

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