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Theos-World Slander?!

Mar 09, 1999 01:09 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Do you confound me with someone? I have never emailed ten times a day, nor I
am an active member of any T.S. or nay other official theos. organization. I
describe myself as a theosophical student and an independent thinker. I am
sorry to learn that in your opinion the Pasadena TS is so far beyond any
critisism that any questions about ES matters or book printings are labelled
as bashing by you. Of course you are free to delete my emails. What me makes
amazing is that you allow bashing of Point Loma matters and when I ask you a
question conc. your statements you become a little bit aggressive. So, when
you decide to left my question to you unanswered (what is your right), I
myself feel free to understand your ignorance as an answer too.


>Just a note Frank -- I've had it up to *here* with the sectarian interests
>are promoting and writing about ten times a day.  I am deleting all of your
>email on sight.  I thought I owed you the courtesy of this response, and
>perhaps others feel as I do.
>Richard Taylor

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