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Re: RE: Theos-World Theosophical Adepts

Mar 09, 1999 10:31 AM
by Richtay

In a message dated 3/9/99 1:45:06 PM, Peter wrote:

<<As you probably know, HPB and the Masters never said the teachings they gave

out where the last word on the subject.  On the contrary they said it was

all that could be given out to the world at the current time.  As a race we

are still in that "current time".  Perhaps it is only by making the most of

what has already been given that 'we' will be entitled to receive more.>>

Well said.  But I am not certain that we are still in that "current time."  I
will certainly admit that as a race, we haven't changed very much.  But the
world is quite different than last century, and I have no doubt that in the
past quarter century the Masters, as promised, have been exerting themselves

So why haven't Theosophists as a whole re-encountered Adepts as a whole?  I
have no doubt true Theosophical consciousness is Infinity, as one student
writes, but are most of us there yet?  I get the strong feeling that, like the
Masons, time has past us by.  We don't even really realize our errors, let
alone what positive steps we should take.

I will add that if Theosophical scholar David Reigle is right, and the Stanzas
of Dzyan *ARE* taken from a secret portion of the Kalachakra Tantra (and
pesonally I think there are very good reasons for thinking he's right) then
really we are a lost arm of the Tibetan Buddhists.  Maybe we should check out
the last quarter century of THAT Adeptic field of influence, to see why we've
been passed over.


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