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Re: Theos-World Stop the Pasadena bashing

Mar 05, 1999 01:25 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Wow, what a great Theosophist you are!
I've just quoted the words of G. de Purucker and rejected several
ill-informed and emotional attacks on the Blavatsky/Point Loma Tradition
from Jerry (a Long follower). Don't you allow any meanings that may contrary
to your own beliefs? More facts, please and less dogmatism and slander about
GdeP and Point Loma please. Or do you follow the philosophy Benjamin
Franklin once told: We invite you do have any opion that you like - as long
it our opinion? What would you do if HPB or GdeP would appear today? Could
you tolerate them or would you fear some of their questeions too?
My reactions depends on you and your followers. Stop violating the testimony
of GdeP and bashing Point Loma and you will not receive questions. Of course
you are free do make easy use of your del-key. I would prefer you would
present facts.


>Just a note Frank -- I've had it up to *here* with the sectarian interests
>are promoting and writing about ten times a day.  I am deleting all of your
>email on sight.  I thought I owed you the courtesy of this response, and
>perhaps others feel as I do.
>Richard Taylor

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