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Mar 05, 1999 06:03 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

May 5th 1999

Dear Frank:

I will be glad to send you the up-dated copy of this book.  It
wen compared to the 1875-1925 issue summarizes the early portion.

I need your address again please so I can mail it to you.

As to the various "tradition" and the way in which those who
claimed "authority" after HPB's death came forward and then
altered the philosophy as it was originally recorded, saying and
perhaps honestly thinking that their interpretation was an
improvement.  I would say that all that talk and recrimination is
so much wasted time.  (And who among us, all students, can say
that we have a "better understanding" than the MASTERS ? or HPB
? )

When one has an ORIGINAL why waste any time at all on the
intermediaries ?

I recognize that anyone who has come to ORIGINAL THEOSOPHY will
feel some gratitude to whatever "tradition" may have brought him
(or her) to that SOURCE.  But what I cannot understand is a
cleaving and a continued attachment to those interpretations

As I understand, the whole value of Theosophy is to make every
man free to make up their own minds.  WE can respect anyone, but
the way in which we adopt and use any "teaching" has to be
entirely ours.  We are responsible.

And, to me, one of the most serious responsibilities we all have
to is to pass on THEOSOPHY unaltered to our successors, whoever
they may be.  Give them the opportunity that we have today:   of

Personally I would go to an original, and if there are
"improvements offered, I might look at those and then
independently consult and compare them with the ORIGINAL and
decide if they are of use.  But to follow any particular course
with faith or rigidity, does seem to me to be unwise.  However,
each will have to make those decisions, and our work together
will always be one of comparison and consultation.

I think that is the greatest value of Theosophy to our
generation.  We have the urge to consult and to check for
understanding and meaning, and if we do this together there is
less likelihood of anyone of us making serious errors.

If we are pursuing and seeking for the ONE TRUTH, we can only do
it by this method and by using these original words from the
MASTERS who are the ancient custodians of all the philosophies,
and histories.  If we do not think that we and They are immortals
and can do this, then, we are wasting time.  So to me that idea
of being an immortal under training to become wise, and that I am
capable of doing  this myself is very important.

I think that this is also for you.

Like you I have been a student of the history of the development
and actions of important persons who assumed the responsibility
for the transmission of THEOSOPHY through the various
Theosophical bodies. I think, however that the unaffiliated ULT
Associates (see the ULT Declaration carefully) has one advantage
and that it is he belongs to no particular tradition and yet
respects them all for the good that they have done and their
substantial contributions to the progress and dissemination of
Theosophy.  The only gratitude that the ULT Associate has then,
is to the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS, to HPB, and to the MASTERS.

Of course, this is as I see it.

Best wishes as always, and do send me your mailing address



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