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Theos-World Robert Crosbie, the Esoteric (Second)Section & the United Lodge of Theosophists

Mar 04, 1999 09:14 PM
by David Green

I'm preparing an essay on "Robert Crosbie, the Esoteric (Second)Section 
& the United Lodge of Theosophists."  Any theosophical student with 
information on this subject is asked to contact me.  I'm basing much of 
my essay on material kindly sent to me last March by John Cooper of 
Australia.  Also Greg Hansen has given me his insights on the Dzyan 
Esoteric Section, the U.L.T.'s Esoteric Group.  I'll post the essay on 
theos-talk within the next week or two.  Plans are also underway to post 
the essay and accompanying documents on a web site for the benefit of 
interested inquirers & theosophical students.

David Green

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