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Theos-World Pasadena foreseen by GdeP?

Mar 04, 1999 08:04 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Jerry wrote:

>Pasadena officials tend to smile at the phrase "Point Loma tradition" and
>insist that this phrase itself shows why the break was necessary. This
>"tradition" was created in only a few years by an elitist group of ES
>The very phrase smacks of dogmatism, which is why Conger
>and Long rejected it.

G. de Purucker wrote:

"It should be evident to every thoughtful mind that world-history is but
repeating itself in the history of the Theosophical Movement sicne H.P.B.'s
passing; and by "history" in this instance is meant the course of events
which have characterized every spiritual and intellectual and psychical
movement formerly instituted for the betterment of mankind. In these
Movements, always the Teacher comes, sent as a Messenger or Envoy by the
Masters of Wisdom and Compassion; the Messenger's life-work is done, success
is achieved, and the Teacher passes; and then, because of the faults and
weaknesses inherent in human nature, even in the best of us all, and in
whatever part in the world, differences of viewpoint, and
misunderstanding... rend the work in three or more parts, and each one such
division thereafter is all too apt to pursue its own path in haughty
isolation, forgetful of its common birth with its fellow-portions, and often
treating its fellow-fragments of the original Movement or Association with
contempt and suspicion and dislike, evil offspring of the stupid but always
fecund Mother, Ignorance, and of the prolific but shifty-eyed Father, Fear.
Ignorance and Fear, and Hatred their child!"
-- G. de Purucker, Letter XVII, May 1935, Theos. Forum May 1935; Repr.: The
Eclectic Theosophist Fall 1992, p. 5f.

May we hope Pasadena one day will no more continue to hit his Point Loma
Mother, work up its dark period of James Long (as the Adyar T.S. has done
with its own dark period), re-issue the original, unaltered books of G. de
Purucker and so return to the original programme.
Then they have no more reason to laugh.


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