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Re: Theos-World Re: Hassle on History

Mar 01, 1999 12:44 PM
by Richtay

In a message dated 3/1/99 1:40:46 PM, Frank wrote:

<<>This serious esoteric crisis broke out in 1946 with the claim of Conger,

>three months after he took office as TS leader, to hold the same occult

>status as HPB and forced the members to accept him as new Outer Head of the


And Jerry S. responded, 

<<The crisis was purely exoteric and historical addressing a human

organization. I would challenge you to find anything "esoteric" at

all in an outer organization changing its structure.>>

Once again, I quite agree with Jerry.  In my opinion something is not
"esoteric" because it is labeled that, or because someone told me it was
esoteric.  The real esotericism, at least as far as the T.S. should be
concerned, lies with the inner unfoldment of the nature of each member, due to
devotion to the Gurus who brought the movement to the world and who (at first
and for a long time) represent the SELF.  

The Masters started the original E.S., and the followers broke it into pieces
during the time of Judge/Besant and then again and again and again.  The
concern with each tiny piece (Point Loma, Pasadena, Adyar, Anthroposophy,
Roerich, Bailey) and speaking of each piece as if it were THE ONE seems quite
silly to me.  Who cares exactly why the Point Loma group shook up in the 1940s
and some people went their separate ways?

Do the Masters need a little esoteric group to work through?  Can't
individuals grow spiritually through independent devotion to the Masters,
through study, through work for humanity?  Is there anything "esoteric"
besides this?


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