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Re: Re: Mind and Memory

Oct 30, 1998 05:52 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>He explains to Ananda there why he did not answer that monk
>directly because any answer would confuse him I would venture to
>say that the wandering monk would need further instruction in the
>7-fold nature of man and Nature to understand and find the answer
>for himself.

Dallas, the reason the question went unanswered, is because
you cannot put the answer into words. The 7-plane system given
out by HPB is just another bunch of words, and gives no real answer
to the question. You will never be able to answer "Does the ego
exist or not?" with HPB's 7-fold nature of man or anything else.
The answer can always be given as either yes or no, or both,
or neither, depending on your viewpoint. All answers are true
from their respective viewpoints, and false from opposing
viewpoints. I could ask "Does HPB's 7-fold nature of man exist
or not?" with the same results.

Jerry S.

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