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Re: Paramitas Of Buddhism ??? :)

Oct 26, 1998 07:05 AM
by augoeides

In a message dated 10/24/98 11:32:42 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<<when living with 2 children and a wife (who share not
the principles of Theosophy and seek and delight
themselves in worldly affairs), presents huge difficulties
to the fulfillment of the required disciplines presented.  >>

<< Is it true that circumstances which are opposite to what we would
wish are  merely illusions (Maya) distorted and disfigured by our
sense of dualities? >>

Dear Alan:

Married life is the great testing ground and may provide
more soul growth opportunities than if one were living a
single life.  In marriage, one often has to sacrifice
personal wants and desires for the greater welfare of the
family.  Compromise and the development of the aware-
ness of the needs of others are the some of "lessons"
and opportunities presented in marriage.

I'm single and I have a tendency to be self-indulgent.
This is not good !

The exposure of your wife and children to some of
the metaphysical truths of your theosophical beliefs
are seeds which will eventually take root - if not in
this life, then in another.  This is a wonderful karmic
opportunity for all.

Best Wishes,

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