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Re: stray comments on reincarnation

Oct 23, 1998 03:25 AM
by Bazzer (Paul)

Eldon wrote:

Many thanks for the comments.

Just a couple of follow-up's:

> * The current method and timing of reincarnation is
>   specific to the current forms, personalities, and
>   evolutionary status of humanity.
> * Being in the Kali Yuga, a time period of intense
>   happenings, we tend to reincarnate more often, seeking
>   more frequent rebirth to take advantage of the opportunity
>   for growth. This increases the apparent world population,
>   as more people are in body at any one time.

The greater frequency of incarnations could be seen as being in inverse
proportion to the length of Kali Yuga itself, i.e. Kali Yuga is the shortest
of the four Yugas.  The point about the advantage of the opportunity is well
made: the further the spring-board goes down the higher the propulsion up.
No mud, no growth.

> * In earlier races, humanity was quasi-astral, and had
>   different methods of reproduction. The same may be
>   true of distant future races of humanity. How things
>   currently work is not necessarily indicative of how
>   things may be.
> * Highly advanced humans -- chelas and Mahatmas -- do
>   not have the same need of devachan and other after-death
>   states as we do, so their time between births is much
>   shorter.
> * In the case of accidents, suicide, bad karma resulting
>   in insane or other problems preventing a normal life,
>   the after-death states may be greatly shortened, or
>   practically non-existent.

Just a rain-check on suicides.  If the suicide is a result of insanity or
causes not *directly* attributable to the Ego it seems a period of
unconsciousness is the usual rule. The fate of a volitional or conscious
suicide (where the Ego is fully aware of being responsible for shortening
the natural, karmicaly ordained, period of the physical incarnation) may be
a different matter.

As we know, the real danger for the suicide is the possibility of being
drawn down into the attractions of the earth via the current of a medium

> * In some cases, an chela may assume the body of a young
>   child that has just died, and assume that outer personality,
>   growing up and living a life in that child's body, which
>   would have otherwise when the child departed it.
> * Although Mahatmas may be able to skip devachan between
>   lifetimes, they still have need of a deep, special time
>   of quietude, dwelling deep within, as described in THE

Any idea which Letter(s) give some specific references?

> * There is mention of a ratio of 1-to-100 regarding years
>   of earth life and the time in the after-death. The number
>   "100" could refer to many things. One is 10 x 10 states
>   or classes of other-world experience, each having it's
>   own sort of "time", disassociated with our normal sense
>   of the passage of time on this, our Globe D physical earth.

Good that the meaning of "100" (states, classes, etc.) is explored.


Best wishes,

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